Hi, I'm Scott Bramley, Singer, Pianist and Arranger.


I've been performing and arranging for more than fifteen years as the leader of various ensembles, specializing in high quality band charts and sheet music for singers, instrumentalists, cabaret and cruise ships.


Custom arrangements are written to your exact specification with respect to instrumentation, the kind of performance involved (live, studio, etc.) and even the font and style of the musical notation how it will appear on the page.


Clear, easy to read parts save time in rehearsal, can be read more easily at sight and lead to a better performance.



Services Include:



• Original Orchestration/Arranging - original arrangements of new or existing songs



• Transcription - transcribe music (write it down) from an audio source



• Piano Reduction - reduce a full score down to piano



• Part Extraction - prepare instrumental parts from a score



• Lead Sheets - melody and lyrics with chords



• Transposition - preparing music in different keys



• Copying - sprucing up hand written parts



Arrangements are created using the latest Sibelius 7 scoring technology, with all parts supplied as well as a full score. I can provide the completed work as PDF files, Sibelius scores and XML music files and can produce an entire musical rehearsal score for you as a single PDF file, ready to be printed.


The completed work will be supplied via email, by post on CD ROM, or professionally printed, bound  and posted out to you (additional fees apply for printing, postage and packaging, geographical limits apply). An audio file of the completed project can also be provided to give you a better idea of how it will sound.


For more information and for a free quote please contact me via phone on 07710 497 127 or by email at [email protected] or fill in the online contact form.

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