Band Arrangements

I've been playing in bands for the past 20 years, from Symphonic Wind Orchestras and Big Bands to smaller function bands and pit orchestras and have played in both the horn sections and the rhythm section. As such I've seen the best and worst of arranging from the player's perspective. I therefore strive to make my parts as easy to read as possible. Often there will be little if any time for rehearsal so parts need to  be clear, concise and easy to follow.


Whether you're after function band charts, music for a cruise ship show, or arrangements for a larger ensemble you've come to the right place.


This arrangement is for an 8 piece band containing four frontline (trumpet, trombone, tenor sax, alto sax) and a rhythm section (piano, bass, drums, guitar) written for a guest entertainer on board a cruise ship. The horn parts are cleverly written so that they will still work with only two front line (trumpet & alto sax) and become richer as the other parts are added. Cues are included for these purposes also. For an even smaller line up the MD/ keys part contains cues for the missing horns.

Sway-Perhaps - 8 Piece Band & Vocal Forget You - Bass Part Shuffle Medley - PianoConductor Score

You can see that the layout in this part is clear, with intro’s, verses and choruses marked as well as lyrics here and there which is particularly useful for new or lesser known songs. As this is a pop song the rhythm section parts are laid out in 4 bar sections making the music easy to follow.

This example shows a piano/music director part for a cruise-ship arrangement which includes the vocal, bass line, cues for the horns and chord symbols throughout the score. This allows the MD to direct the band more easily and play in any missing lines if the band is smaller. It includes a lot of information yet is still easy to follow.

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