Services Include:


• Original Arranging/Orchestration - original arrangements of new or existing songs

As part of a project to produce music for a pre-school tap class I was asked to come up with novel interpretations of classic children's nursery rhymes, drawing upon inspiration from swing, blues, rock and Latin music, as well as a batch of Country and Western themed songs. These arrangements were delivered as MIDI files to be produced into the final rendering once a live vocal had been laid over the top of it all.


• Transcription - transcribing (writing down) music from an audio source

I'm often asked to prepare an arrangement that 'sounds like it does on the record'. Transcribing a piece of music remains true to the original arrangement, sometimes exactly as it sounds, but can also be adapted to make use of different instrumental ensembles, perhaps slimming down a big band arrangement to be played by only four horns and a rhythm section for example.


• Piano Reduction - reduce a full score down to piano

A piano reduction takes the essence of a full score and reduces it down to either two or three lines, usually a piano and lead line. A piano reduction may be required for rehearsal purposes or could take the form of an MD/keys part in a show band from which the musical director can lead the band and also play in any missing lines if any parts are absent.


• Part Extraction - prepare instrumental parts from a score

A fully-scored work is all well and good but without parts your band or orchestra won't be able to play it. Part extraction prepares each individual part ready for rehearsal and performance.


• Lead sheets - melody and lyrics with chords

These are often found in Fakebooks and are used extensively in the jazz world. Comprising a lead line with chords and lyrics if appropriate they allow performers to follow the general pattern of a song or tune but at the same time letting them improvise around what is there. However, you might require a song that doesn't appear in the Fakebooks currently on the market or you might wish to add an intro and ending, taking the uncertainty out of the situation (and that lengthy conversation that often ensues on the bandstand between pieces!).


• Transposition/Copying

Do you need already existing parts in a different key? Perhaps you have old hand written parts that require sprucing up.


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